Mother Nature put on a stunning late autumn day for the first weekend round of golf in seven weeks; clear skies, plenty of sun and virtually no wind.  The golfers of Romsey were keen to get back on the course  and handled the Covid-19 restrictions very well.  Groups teed off at ten minute intervals, all scores were checked and agreed to verbally and players forwarded a pic of their card to the captain at the end of the round.  Romsey Park and the golf course are currently in spectacular condition, trees trimmed and all grass well under control.  The colder air and the softer fairways meant that all  players lost distance so correct club selection was vital.  The greens were in good nick and putted very true, if a little slow early in the round however, most players were not too concerned with the scores, they were just happy to be out and about again.  On a stunning day the results were;

Winner;   Mitch Atlas – 83/10/73/Andrew Laing – 91/18/73 from Pat Chisholm – 86/12/74 & Jim Patton – 91/17/74

NTPs; 15th – Mick Squire