The second round began with weather that showed  winter is really on our doorstep, 12C and winds from the SSW gusting up to 40kmh.  The winds played havoc off the tee and with approach shots.  Our 60+ mm rain over Wed/Thur/Friday had largely been sucked up by a very thirsty course however there were several large puddles of casual water on some fairways and behind a few greens. With the increased chance of mud on the ball “preferred lie, through the green to a club length” was given. The greens, still playing true and at a good pace, were the least of peoples’ troubles as battling the elements proved to be the biggest hurdle. None of the field were able to break their handicaps, many played some good holes and struggled on others.  There were more than a few tired and frustrated groups  who headed to the rooms at the end of their rounds.  On a challenging day the results were;
The Day’s Winner; Kevin Dunn – 98/24/74    from Dave Richardson – 98/23/75
NTPs: 15th – A. Clement, 16th – M. Nicholls Jnr
After Round Two of the Championships the leaders are;
A Grade; Michael Squires – 164 from Les Gaunt – 174 & Andrew Clement – 176
B Grade;  Mick Nicholls Jnr – 189 from Rob Rea – 191 & Jim Patton  – 193