Another strong field contested the March Medal; the round began under almost perfect conditions, temperature in the mid 20C and a wind, S to SW under 20Kph; good scoring was expected.  The hotter, dryer weeks of late February and all of March saw ballplayers get excellent value for bribes and long irons.  Approach shots had to be accurate to players risked landing short and bouncing through the green.  Playing to handicap or better was required to figure n the results.  ON a nexxcellent day for t=golf the results were;

1st & March Medalist – Chris vanDerVliet – 98/33/65

2nd; Ben Owen – 83/16/67

3rd; Rob Rea – 85/17/68

NTPs; 1st – Scott Williams, 15th – Toby Clement, 16th – Davey Kenny, Best 2nd shot 3rd – Mick Squire,  Longest Drive 4th – Scott Williams

Least Putts; 26 – Ben Owen

RGC March’24  Medalist – Chris vanDerVliet