The round began under still, hot conditions. Later on a steady breeze blew up from the north before moving to the NW. After the 25mm of rain earlier in the week there was a green tinge across the whole park however, the fairways were generally still hard giving generous distance to all shots. The areas around, and 100m out from, the green was quite green so players had to be accurate with their approach shots as anything short rarely bounced onto the green. Anything long found the usual Romsey penance, a very challenging chip back to the cup. As with the last few weeks many players put in an excellent front or back nine but only a few could maintain their standard for the 18 holes. As the round drew to a close it was a battle between two of the club’s much loved veterans. On a sticky day the results were;

Winner and March Medalist; Les Gaunt – 75/6/69 from Bruce Robb – 102/30/70, Andrew Laing – 91/19/72, Anthony Freeman – 93/20/73 & Andrew Clement – 84/11/73
NTPs – 1st Kev Dunn & 16th – Scott Williams
Least Putts; Bruce Robb – 23