The recent cooler nights, some dew and steady irrigation saw quite a green tinge across the course.  However, up close there were still many bare patches so relief was still given.  As the round progressed a steady breeze cooled the park, first from the north-east and later in the round from the east.  The hard fairways and warm, dry air saw all players driving longer than usual however there was the occasional ball that, on landing, took a surprising turn either onto or well away from the green.  The greens were still a little sandy and whist the reserve greens mower had done a good job the surfaces were a little furry; those who “putted with conviction” usual got a good result.  The quarter finals of the club’s second oldest shield (1970) were very even until the final holes of the back nine.  The stroke event saw a number of players play to or better their handicaps.  It was great to welcome Dean vanDenHeuval back to the club after a number of years working up north.  On a warm, reasonably still afternoon, the results were;

Winner; Keith Hocking – 99/30/69, Chris vanDerVliet – 96/26/70, Pat Chisholm – 86/15/71 & Chris Lingard – 72/1/71

NTPs; 15th & 16th – Dean vanDenHeuval

Algie Mitchel Shield quarter Finals

Les Gaunt (0) D Anthony Lakey (13) – 4/3

John Laing (0) D Bruce Robb (2) – 4/3

Mick Nicholls Snr (1) D John Freestone (0) – 19th

Scott Williams (0) D Chris Manktelow (19) – 3/1

Algie Mitchell Semi-finals

Les Gaunt (0) Vs Mick Nicholls Snr (14)

Scott Williams (0) Vs John Laing (14)