Another pleasant Saturday, sunny with light southern winds, a little chilly in the shadows but nice in the sun.  Preferred  lie “on fairway played” was still being given, but there was noticeable growth on all fairways.  The field flowed very well and all players were back in the clubrooms in just over four hrs.  While the greens were still playing true and with good pace, scuff marks from shoes were very evident and may have negatively effected some putts and possibly assisted on others.  Life member, Laurie Thompson, rode along with Bruce Robb for 12 holes and enjoyed the course, the golf and the company.  On another great day for golf the results were;
Winner; Kevin Dunn (22) – 37 pts from Scott Williams (18) – 36 pts, Mick Nicholls Snr (23) and Michael Squire (7) – 33 pts
NTPs; 15th – Chris Vandervliet