More rain during the week had made it impossible to cut anything bar the greens,  some of the wetter sections of the fairways had not been cut for three weeks.  Lost balls, plugged or amongst the long grass on the fairways, became a strong possibility.  The wet and spongy surfaces meant both push buggies and motorised carts had to be careful.  So, even though there was just a gentle breeze from the S/SW and the sun shone through, it was really another “tough day at the office”.  Despite the squelchy conditions the June Medal drew a strong field.  It was a day for steady , conservative golf, shots were not travelling as far in the air and nowhere once they landed, a few groups spent quite a while searching for balls that had landed and plugged deeply in the middle of the fairway.  Correct club selection was vital, usually one more than on a more normal day.  On a still, sunny day on a very wet course the results were;

Winner and June Medallist;  Ryan Davies – 99/26/73 from Simon Donovan- 88/13/75, Anthony Lakey – 95/20/75 Les Gaunt – 83/7/76 & Rob Rea – 95/19/76

Lesast Putts; Mick Squire – 28