Players assembled under an overcast sky with a steady south-easterly wind however, after about 25 minutes the clouds lifted and the course warmed considerably (8C to ~10C!).  The cold air and the soft fairways challenged all players but everyone enjoyed excellent lies on the lush fairways.  The real difficulties came when the ball was on the green; the greens were decidedly two paced, some quite fast others required a serious whack to get close to the hole.  Needless to say a number of players confused some greens, putting to have their ball finish well off the green or well short of the cup.  As the day drew to a close it was a battle between experience and youth with experience just holding out over the final few holes. The day’s results were;

Winner; Bob Dwyer (all of 86 yrs old) – 37 pts from Michael McCarten and Scott Williams – 36 pts  (Bob also picked up the meat tray so a good weekend)

NTPs; 15th – Mick Nicholls Snr (Great shot that got the $100 jackpot too!), 16th – Scott Williams