How about that, almost two weeks with only a few heavy dews and the odd spot of drizzle, the course had gone from “mostly sloppy” to “sloppy here and there”. The Medal round began under clear skies with virtually no wind and plant of mid winter sun.  Pretty soon the jumpers came off and the hats were put on.  While the 6th and 7th fairways were still very wet leading to deeply plugged balls players could easily found their ball on the remainder of the course.  The greens were still quite fast with less than the usual borrow, players had to be careful when putting down to the cup or risk rolling off the green.  We were pleased to again welcome local golfers whose clubs were in lock down.  On a magnificent mid winter’s day the results were;

Winner and July Medalist; Davie Kenny – 97/22/75 C/B from Steve Wilkins – 94/19/75 & Pat Chisholm – 86/11/75

Least Putts; Simon Donovan – 28


Raffle Results;

1st – $40 Butcher’s Voucher – Andrew Laing

2nd – $20 Drummonds Voucher – Mal Mottram

3rd –  Sleeve of balls – Steve Wilkins

Special  note of thanks to; 

Bruce – has spent much of the week taking down numerous areas of still growing, in the middle of winter,  rough.

Freebie – sorted out a few mechanical problems and was still able to cut all the surrounds, cleaned up a few fallen branches as well

Ron – oversaw removal of numerous fallen branches while sorting out works to greatly assist the whole course/club.

Bob – turned up to check the mower cutting plates then spent the day cutting the fairways.

Wilco – spent much time moving bits and pieces here and there and there and then  having a good conversation with numerous green fees golfers and the many other local community members who use Romsey Park.

Hugh – busy with the greens and also working the phones to clarify a few things in relation to the MRSC monies.

Elaine – does a great job sorting out electronic payments each Saturday then heads down Otto he 10th to sell the odd refreshment.