Players headed to the tee on another cold, windy afternoon.  The 4B Multiplier format saw teams of two looking to capitalise on each other’s performance.  If both players pared a hole then the team picked up quite a score but if one pared and the other wiped then a team score was zero.  The wind, predominately from the nth, did occasionally swing around to the west causing problems for all golfers.  The par threes were especially challenging and only one golfer was able to hit one of these greens.  Strangely enough most played found the gusting wind effected their shots on the greens more than higher approach shots.  As the cards hit the table it was obvious that the day had been more than challenging, that was until the final group of four came it.  It was obviously a case of “quality will out”.  Regardless of team scores only one player was able to play to his handicap.  On a more than challenging day  go the park the results were;

Winners; Les Gaunt (7)/Mitch Atlas (12) – 63 pts from Mick Nicholls Jnr (16)/pat Chisholm (13) – 46 pts

Individual; Mitch Atlas (12) – 36 pts

NTPs; 15th – Les Gaunt