Following  weeks of steady rain and after walking the course, noting the large number of long divots on the fairways, it was decided to tee-up for the club’s Stroke round.  Light drizzle was falling and a gusting westerly wind blew up  as the groups headed to the tee.  So, with a soft course it was looking to be a tough round, virtually no run on the fairways and the wind either pushing shots far longer than usual or pulling them up well short.  Despite the recent rains the greens putted very true and all balls rolled out, a bit of a winner for the ongoing hard work of the club’s volunteers.  To top off a challenging afternoon,  heavy, very cold rain, fell over the final few holes making the rooms far more attractive than usual.  On a cold, wet afternoon the results were;

1st; Simon Donovan – 82/12/70

2nd; Anthony Lakey – 91/20/71

3rd; Steve Wilkins – 88/16/72

NTPs; 1st – Luke Lyons, 15th – Dean Kohler, Best 2nd Shot on the 3rd – Luke Lyons