With 10mm falling over Friday the course was again soft and a cold wind moving between SE and SW kept all players guessing as they addressed the ball.  The quarter finals of the W. E. Tom shield saw two teams have to withdraw providing walkovers for their opponents however the other finals were close fought affairs.  Laing/Wilkins held a one hole advantage over Atlas/Kenney for much of the round and it was only after the 19th hole that the match was concluded.  Harris/Lyons got well ahead early but Mottram/Lakey fought back to two down by the 16th.  The stroke event saw Pat Chisholm continue his recent run of good golf.  On a cool, windy afternoon the results were;

1st; Pat Chisholm – 84/12/72

2nd; Mick Squire – 79/4/75

NTPs; 1st – Dylan Harris, 15th – Pat Chisholm


Quarter Finals of the W. E. Town Shield

Pat Chisholm (1)/Mick Nicholls Snr (11) D Dean Kohler (4)/Simon Donovan (0) – Walkover

Scott Williams (6)/Chris vanDerVliet (21) D Andrew Clement (0)/Toby Clement (3) – Walkover

Malcolm Mottram (2)/Anthony Lakey (14) L  Dylan Harris (0)/Luke Lyons (4) – 3/1

Match Atlas (0)/Davey Kenney (8) L Steve Wilkins (10)/Andrew Laing (14) – 19th

Semi-finals of the W. E. Tom Shield 

Dylan Harris (0)/Luke Lyons (4) Vs Pat Chisholm (6)/Mick Nicholls Snr (16)

Scott Williams (2)/Chris vanDerVliet (17) Vs Steve Wilkins (0)/Andrew Laing (4)