For the first time this month the sun was out and there had been no rain for for almost a week.  The fairways, while still soft, were firm enough to mow and the course was looking good.  When play began there was only the slightest of south-westerly winds so golfers were looking to a great day on course and possibly some good scoring.  The field soon found that, despite the good conditions, scoring was going to be tough.  Balls plugged on the fairways but were usually quickly found others, shots a few metres into the rough, often proved far more difficult to locate; every group spent some time chasing down these errant shots.  The speed of the greens proved a real challenge for some whilst others, especially club captain Scott Williams, seemed able to put every putt straight in.  With the football final next door the cheers for a goal sometimes coincided with a great drive or a good putt, the golfer involved appreciated the vicarious support.  On a wonderful, late winter’s day, the results were;

Winner and August Medallist; Anthony Lakey – 95/22/73 from Jim Patton – 93/19/74

NTPs; 15th – Anthony Lakey

Least Putts; Mal Mottram – 27