Rain late in the week again softened the course however, the fairways had good cover and the greens and surrounds continued in top condition. The sun came out early and it was a beautiful day for golf.  The W. E. Tom Shield final looked an intriguing affair, with Williams(9)/Chris vanDerVliet (27)  getting many shots the team of Harris (0)/Lyons(4) really had to play to their best.  Despite some excellent golf from Williams, Harris/Lyon turned the corner four up.  After both Lyons and Williams birdied the 14th Lyons sunk a long putt for par on 15th to take the final.  The Par field found the going tough, just one poor shot on a hole was the difference between a win and a loss.  On a cool but sunny afternoon the results were;

1st;  Davie Kenney (14) -1

2nd; Ben Owen (19) -2

3rd;  Zac Scales (44)  – 3 C/B Shaun Scales(25), Mitch Atlas (5)

W. E. Tom Final 

Dylan Harris (0)/Luke Lyons (4) D Scott Williams (9)/Chris vanDerVliet (27) – 4/3

2023 W. E. Tom Champions Dylan Harris & Luke Lyons