The field took to the course on a reasonably still, sunny day, the wind did pick up a little from SSW later in the round, but in general a pleasant day for golf.  The 3rd and 8th greens were a little soft, but all played well and generally putted true.  The recent rain and heavier dews saw the fairways greening up with new growth popping through; Romsey, like all local courses, just need a little more rain to see them green up completely. Our attempt to finally knock over the paspalum on 2nd fairway looks to have been successful so other areas of this nasty weed had better beware.   Between the Women’s Bowl on Thursday and Friday afternoon the birds had again done some damage to 7, 9, 16 and a little to 15th, even pulling up some of the bent grass turf patches. Perhaps more rain will see these destructive creatures move off.  The Foursomes format sees teams of two alternating strokes, a challenging format which does not easily allow individual golfers to get into a rhythm.  It was great to see life member Pater Scanlon back on the course after his recent operation.  On a beautiful day for golf the results were;
Winners; Hugh/Pam Drummond – 93/25.5/67  from  Rob Rae/Peter Scanlon – 94/24.5/69.5
NTPs; 15th – Bob Dwyer & 16th – Roger Baker
Algie Mitchell Shield Semi-final
Rob Rae D Mick Nicholls Snr – walkover
Algie Mitchell Final
Jim Patton (2) Vs R Rae (0)