A northerly breeze blew for most of the day and there was steady sunshine.  However the wind didn’t make much impact on the approach shots. A good sized Easter field with two guests saw many scores in the mid 70’s net.  A number of players saw several poor holes on the back nine bringing great front nines undone. With the greens running at good speed, over 8’s, a great pace for Romsey, most were happy with their condition, just the occasional lack of growth in core holes causing he odd diversion off line.  The day also saw funds raised for the Drummond Golf G4aC (cancer research) program.  On another wonderful day for golf the scores were;
Winner:  Ron Walker – 96/25/71from Les Gaunt –  80/8/72, Sherif Abdel Sayed – 96/24/72 &  Bob McLennan – 85/12/73
NTPs;15th – M Squire, 16th – D Baker