At last, a real summer’s day, temperature in the high 20sC and a wind, moving between N to SW of about 20Kph.  The corellas had again been at work but most damage had been repaired.  The course was in tip top condition as the field took to the tees.  The day saw some astounding golf on one hole, often followed by a less than impressive next hole.  As luck would have it a  few shots found a tree and either bounced deeper into the trees or fell just short of the green.  On a beautiful day to be out on the park the results were;

1st; Ben Owen (20) – 40 pts

2nd; Mitch Atlas (6) – 36 pts

3rd; Simon Austin (18) – 35 pts C/B Andrew Clement (10) & Bob McLennan (14)

NTPs; 1st – Mitch Atlas, 15th – Ben Owen, 16th – Ben Owen, Best 2nd shot 3rd hole – Andrew Clement