In September Jim Patton floated the idea of RGC putting together a team to take part in the 2019 Cancer Research Fundraiser “The Longest Day”.  The premise of the event was for all members of the team to play 72 holes of golf in one day, quite a performance, especially for those who intended to walk. Some within the club were aware of the event and with ex-member, Gary Watts, down from Sydney for the Graeme Clement Open we learned a deal more;  Gary had completed the event at his Sydney club, Fox Hills.

Jim got together with Michael Read and Andy Cockell and set about organising a team and then chasing up sponsors.  The RGC team, “Old Bull Golf”, comprised Michael Read, Jim Patton (Capt), Toby Clement, Andy Cockell, Red Lakey, Andrew Clement, Pat Chisholm, Mick Squire, Mitch Clement & John Freestone.  Team shirts were organised and the date was set for Friday Dec 13th.

The 2019 RGC Longest Day Team

We set our goal at $5,000 so everyone got “out and about” seeking donations.  It was soon obvious that the initial goal of $5,000 would soon be passed so the goal was raised to $7,000.  After that no-one really paid much more attention to that figure, just chasing up donors and sorting out the golf buggies; we were never going to walk the 72 holes!

After some discussion it was decided to get our 72 holes by playing the  12-hole “The Old Course” layout six times.   We also decided to play half the rounds off the blue men’s blue tees and half the rounds off the women’s red tees.  Each cart had enough score cards and a copy of the day’s syllabus

The Longest Day 2019 Syllabus

At about 5.30 am on the 13th, with the sun just rising, the buggies began rolling in as everyone assembled for a team photo and heart starter with play to begin at 5.45 am.  The 12-hole course proved both quick and challenging, especially for those who had not played it before, “Follow the black tee markers” echoed across the course.  Most teams were “done and dusted by 4.30 – 5.00, time for a quiet drink and to discus the day.

RGC chipped in sorting out food and drinks for the day.  The BBQ was moved to the large work shed and provisions were brought in.  VP, Kev Dunn, was instrumental in this aspect of the day as were John & Janet Todd who just happened to be neighbours of Michael Read.  There were three shifts down at the shed, 7.30 – 10.30 (Kev, John & Janet), 10.30 – 2.00 (Bruce & Lorraine Robb) and 2.00 until finish (Elaine & Peter Scanlon).  Players pulled in for an egg and bacon roll at about 9.00am then for the odd snag or hamburger whenever they passed the shed.

At the time of writing “Old Bull Golf” had raised ~$11,400.00.  We are hoping for a few extra hundred to get us over the $12,000.00 line

On  Monday Dec 16th two other teams, “The DrawShank Redemption” &  “Sixty-two” completed their “Longest Day” at Romsey Golf Course.  RGC members were on the 1st tee at ~5.30am to provide cards, explain a few tricky points about the course and send them off.  RGC  again provided food and drinks from the large work shed during the day.

Written by Romsey Golf Club

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