The first round of the Club Championships were held on a chilly but sunny day with gusty winds that were quite strong at times and almost still at other times.  The heavy overnight rain had really effected up the course with fairways and greens quite soft.  The overall condition of the course was great and is a reflection of our wonderful volunteers’ tireless efforts.
Elaine Scanlon continued to play some very good golf with a great Nett 70 for the round.  Leader after the first round of the gross event was Darlene Baker with 92 off the stick followed by Elaine with 102. Daily Comp results

1st; Elaine Scanlon – 102/32/70
2nd; Darlene Baker – 92/17/75
3rd: Chris Manktelow – 114/33/81   C/B from Jenny Hartley & Lis Manktelow
Least Putts:  Elaine Scanlon  – 31