Play got underway on a chilly morning with plenty of dew on the fairways and greens.  All players lost distance off the tee courtesy of the cold air and the soft fairways.  The greens putted very true and, if you got there second, there were a number of clear marks to guide your putt.  Throughout the morning the sun shone through then disappeared behind the clouds and most players had to get used to the heavier clothing required by the morning’s chill.   Many players had the opportunity to get a good start in the championships but, whether it was nerves, cold hands or just a little too casual golf,  most did not capitalise on their position. The morning’s results were;

Winner; Jenny Hartley – 115/38/77

Least Putts; Kath Jekabsons – 27

Round 1 Club Champs;

Kath Jekabsons – 112, Jenny Hartley – 115