Players found a glorious autumn day, perfect for golf, as they took to the field for the March Medal.  The women also played the second round of the Silver Spoon.  The course had softened up slightly with the recent rain although another downpour would be useful. A band of helpers were working diligently on the greens using bent grass turf to repair the corella damage. The volunteers on our course spend many hours and do a fantastic job. Let’s hope the corellas move on very soon.  On a wonderful day to be walking around the park with a few clubs inhand the results  were;
Winner and March Medalist; Lorraine Robb – 107/34/73   C/B from Jenny Hartley – 99/26/73 with Elaine Scanlon        107/32/75
Least Putts; Pam Drummond  – 27.