On a lovely day, Pinehurst was the challenge for the golfers.  The course is looking very good with expansive areas of couch on fairways. The greens are recovering well from the recent coring.  Competition was fierce as shown in the results.
Mixed Pinehurst
1st;  Darlene Baker/Chris Manktelow – 86/18.75/67.25
2nd;   Lis Manktelow/Rob Slade – 88/17.25/70.75
Women’s Pinehurst
1st;     Shirley Shelton/ Jenny Hartley – 94/17.6/76.4      C/B
2nd;    Wendy Gosden/Kath Jekabsons  – 103/26.6/76.4
NTP;   15th – Rob Slade