The forecast was good, sun and wind to keep drying the course but as the field teed off the skies darkened and light rain fell.  The shower lasted for the first six holes then the sun came back out and things brightened up.   The course was heavy but most of the weekend’s casual water had drained away.  Players had to be careful of new works on the 6th fairway and around the 8th green. Despite the recent heavy rains and run of cold days the greens were very good.  On an up and down day the results were;
Daily comp.    1st: Pat Chisholm  – 87/12/75  2nd: Rob Slade 99/18/81

June  Medal; Jenny Hartley 108/24/84 from Beryl Cole

Least putts;  Rob Slade  30 c/b from Beryl Cole