The January Medal competition saw perfect conditions for golf early on  although the temperature increased as the round progressed. The course was in amazingly good condition with a good grass cover across most of the fairways.   A small amount of damage had been inflicted by corellas on a few of the  greens but this is minimal compared to recent years and hopefully close to the last of it.  The Monthly Medal Running Competition results :
JanuaryMedalist;  Jenny Hartley – 94/22/72 from Darlene Baker – 94/20/74,  C/B Pam Drummond – 106/32/74
Daily comp;  Chris Manktelow – 104/35/69 from Lis Manktelow – 95/24/71
Least putts Darlene Baker – 29 C/B from Lis Manktelow.
Nine Hole winner; Jan Harver with Colleen Duller a close second.