Flatstick Summer Cup Part 1 of 4th and final round 

The morning dawned very hot and very windy so golf was going to be a challenge.  Under these conditions it did not seem to matter just how much water had been put on the greens, they dried out and hardened considerably during the round.  With the wind gusting from the NE at between 30 and 40 Kph it was a battle to keep the ball under control and the wiser, older heads who had played Romsey in these circumstances many times before brought all their experience to bear.  On another tough day on the course the results were;

Women’s Winner;  Kath Jekabsons – 102/27/75.
Least Putts; Beryl Cole – 30
Men’s Winner;  John Laing – 103/31/72.
Least Putts; Hugh Williams – 27
Nine-hole winner;  Jan Harver – 54/21/33 C/B from Jenny Hartley – 53/20/33.
Least Putts; Jan Harver – 16