After a windy and reasonably dry week members had been able to get on course and cut most of the fairways but rain overnight again saw a very soft course. The forecast of freezing conditions and gusting winds did not really eventuate on the front nine and, despite the soft course,  a number of players were able to play to, or just below, their handicaps.  The back nine was a very different affair.  The wind blew, the temperature dropped and the promised freezing rain fell.  All golfers had difficulty gripping clubs and the gusting westerly wind proved more than challenging, both off the tee and with approach shots.  Players who allowed for the wind often found it dropped as their ball was in the air while others who played directly at the green found their shot ending up well wide.  There was some winter sun but it was capricious, coming and going as only it saw fit.  While the back nine was more than challenging it was very good to see the greens continued to run very true and at a good pace.  On another very difficult “day at the the office” the scores were;

Winner; Anthony Lakey (22) – 28 pts from Chris vanDerVliet (23) – 27 pts  (Yes it was that tough!)