77 players from many clubs throughout Dalhousie District and surrounding clubs met at Marysville for the annual Women’s Sandy Wilson Bowl. RGC was represented by Jenny Hartley, Wendy Gosden and Elaine Scanlon.

It was a wet weather golf day with the first six odd holes in rain with warmth and no wind. During the one down pour greens were under water but it quickly disappeared leaving  squelch in places.
Despite the weather players enjoyed a well presented, picturesque course.  The event was well run and everyone Marysville’s hospitality.  Local knowledge appeared to be an advantage with locals winning the Bowl,  3 of the 6 individual events and Vets.
Wendy Gosden(26) had a birdie on the 15th, picked up a NTP  and 3 Player of the Year points with 29 points
Romsey’s Team Jenny (24) 27 points Elaine (33) 21 points and Wendy’s team score 77 points was in the top third of the field for the day.
Congratulations Marysville on winning the Bowl with 96 points