A Romsey team of Darlene Baker, Wendy Gosden and Jenny Hartley,  along with Beryl Cole, travelled to Hidden Valley Golf Club for the first of this year’s Dalhousie Districts Women’s Bowls/Tournaments. The weather was kind with a gentle breeze and moderate temperature. The course was in perfect conditions with lush fairways and perfect greens. Corellas could be seen about the course but, thankfully seemed to be staying off the greens.
Lisa Caines (Seymour) had a great round with the best score of 40 points.   The Romsey contingent had a lovely day of golf with their respective playing partners and enjoyed a beaut lunch in the clubhouse afterwards. Darlene received 3 points in the Dalhousie Player of the Year Award with her 34 points and she , Beryl and Jenny were lucky raffle winners.

The Hidden Valley team; Pam Hunter, Glenda Steer and Glenda Eddy was victorious on the day with a combined score of 103, closely followed by Lisa’s Seymour team with 102.