The 28th Romsey Challenge Bowl saw 51 players from 13 Dalhousie and surrounding districts clubs tee off in almost perfect conditions for golf; good scoring was expected.    Once players finished their rounds and were sitting down to a wonderful lunch there were many compliments about the steady progress of  the course, the grass cover over the fairways and surrounds and the much improved state of the whole of the Romsey Park.  The overall presentation of the course is a direct reflection of the many, many hours put in by RGC’s loyal volunteers, their hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated by members every week and the by visitors to this Bowl.
As presentations were made all volunteers were thanked for their time and efforts; in the kitchen, on the course, in the clubhouse and running the competition side of the day.

RGC would like to thank T. J. Scott & Sons for their support of the 2021 Bowl.  Presentations were made by Sophie Scott.

2021 Romsey Challenge Bowl winners:
The Woodend Team; 104 points; Cheryl Garner (25) – 30pts/Cheryl Payne (30) – 39pts/Veronica Sullivan (22) – 35pts  all were delighted with their win.

Grade winners :
A Grade: Helen Dennett (15) – 36 points (Kilmore)

B Grade: Jenny Coleman (25) – 35 points (Marysville)

C Grade: Sophie Banon (38) – 37 points (Kilmore)

NTPs; 3rd – Margaret Blair, 15th – Cheryl Garner
Best 2nd shot 16th – Kaye Atlas