Four Romsey golfers headed to Alexandra for their Annual Tournament . (Four golfers, two cars, only one of which did not get lost on the return journey!!) The trip over caused the frost warning to go off three times in the car recording temps below 3° and that did not improve on arrival.   The heavy fog on the first tee became heavier and denser and chillier before finally lifting after 9 holes; hitting the ball out of sight was a common occurrence for the first half of the day.
The course was in good nick, the racing track was well mown, the rough was low and the fairways pretty good. A few of the greens were a bit tricky but that is part of the challenge at Alex.
Lunch was very enjoyable and the camaraderie enjoyed by all, so overall an enjoyable day.
The Alexandra Golf Club Ladies Open Tournament was won by Sandy Wicking (Kilmore) 86 scratch, well done Sandy.
Beryl was the best of the Romsey contingent winning 1 point for Player of the Year with a Nett 74, with Darlene, Jenny and Wendy close behind.