With our pennant division being a seven team competition the hosting club, Romsey, did not play.  The final round began on another still, cloud,y 12C day.  Groups were sent off the first and the 15th, this worked and resulted in a fairly smooth moving field. The club received plenty of positive feedback on the course and especially the state of the greens and how true they were running.  The day was one of lop-sided results with top team, Woodend going down to Lancefield and both Trentham and Kilmore having very strong wins.
Results for the day were:
Trentham D Mt Macedon 6.5/0.5
Kilmore D Hidden Valley 6.5/0.5
Lancefield D Woodend 5/2
Before the final round Woodend seemed assured of a place in the final but the other spot was up for grabs, between Trentham, Lancefield and Kilmore.  It was a close thing with Kilmore doing just enough to  edge out the other two teams.  The final  was played at Lancefield G. C. on Sunday May 27th.  Congratulations to Woodend who defeated Kilmore – 4/3
Many thanks to:
RGC would like to thank the following people for their efforts to make both the Club Championships and the final round of pennant so successful. Kevin Dunn & Elaine Scanlon for food preparation and serving, Michael McCarter behind the bar, Rob Rea for his preparation and sending groups from the 15th, Andrew Laing assisting with washing and cleaning, Hugh Drummond for general assistance, Les Gaunt for mowing the greens, Bruce Robb, John Freestone, John Laing and Ron Walker for their work on the course through the week AND club captain Scott Williams for all the work he puts in every week.