Division 2 Scratch

RGC was hosting the final round of the Div 2 Scratch competition.  It was a tight field with three teams vying for 1st and 2nd positions.  Play began with freshly mown greens (Ta Twig) and an overcast sky. Rain threatened but never eventuated.  At the end of the day all players were very positive about the improvements the club had made to the greens and fairways.

Overall results;

Seymour D Strathbogie – 5/2

Kilmore Sq Broadford – 3.5/3.5

The Div 2 Scratch final will be between Kilmore and Seymour.  Good luck to both teams

Division 3 Handicap

RGC travelled to Hidden Valley for the penultimate round of the 2019 competition.  With Woodend ensconced on top RGC was vying with Kilmore for 2nd spot and a place in the final.  A win was vital.  The cool, overcast afternoon challenged everyone as Hidden Valley is a long course with many water hazards and the colder air saw everyone lose distance.   Deciding whether to lay up short of the water or hit over the top was often a difficult decision. RGC did well to pick up a much needed win.  The final round, 19/5 will see RGC play Hidden Valley and Kilmore play Trentham.  These two matches will decide who challenges Woodend in  the final.    RGC results were; Rob Rea – W4/3, Heath Rea – W3/2, Scott Williams – W5/4, John Freestone – W1up, Chris vanDerVliet – L6/7, Ron Walker – L5/4 & Mick Nicholls Jnr – L3/2.

Overall results were;

Romsey D Mt Macedon – 4/3

Woodend D Kilmore – 4/3

Euroa D Trentham – 6/1