26 teams of teams of four, from clubs throughout the District, participated in the DDGA Country Teams Ambrose fund raiser at Euroa.  There were two teams from RGC. Men’s team;  John Freestone, Ron Walker, Bob McLennan and Scott Williams  – 71/10/61. (mid field).  Women’s team; Darlene Baker, Jenny Hartley, Wendy Gosden, Elaine Scanlon – 75/11.5/63.5 did very well.  The day’s overall results were;

Scratch Winners: (Mt Macedon) Jim Hynes/Mat Willis/Jonno Langmaid/Mick Doyle  – 59

Scratch RU: (Seymour). Ian Richardson/Peter Nelson/Mark Corradin/Mark Fountain – 60

Men’s Hcp Winner; (Mandalay) Tony Vella/Mat Grinter/Rene Pilla/Ben Thompson  – 56 3/8
Men’s Hcp RU; (Kilmore/Hidden Valley) John Roberts/Michael Roberts/Brad Newman/Jim Ioanidis – 58

Mixed Hcp Winner; (Euroa)  Scott Watson/Paddy McCarthy/Melissa Eddy/Colin Burton  – 62 3/4

 RUMixed Hcp; (Hidden Valley) c/b: Jon Blackwell/Barry Fitzmorris/Rhonda Fitzmorris/Shane Ferguson – 64 1/4

Women’s HcpWinner; (Romsey) Darlene Baker/Jenny Hartley/Wendy Gosden/Elaine Scanlon  – 63 1/2
RU Women’s Hcp; (Seymour/Kilmore)  Paula Britton/Irene Davey/Jenny le Cerf/Wicky McDowell – 63 5/8
NTPs: Women – Robin Lied. Men – Ed Carracher, Gary Wright, John Langmaid.


Thank you to the Euroa Golf Club for a beautifully presented course and to Trish Grinter, Women’s
Country Team Captain, for a well organised and  run event.

Elaine, Jenny, Wendy, Darlene after finishing their round.