The prediction of atrocious weather saw a number regulars staying at home and those daring golfers who did decide to play in the September Medal faced “four seasons in one day”; sun, rain, sleet, hail and freezing, gusting westerly and north-westerly winds.  While the course had prospered from the sun and wind during the week seeing all fairways dry out considerably and good growth across the whole park the day’s rain/hail/sleet again saw slippery conditions.  Twice during the round the hail and sleet had players sheltering under trees and the gusting wind made it virtually impossible to use an umbrella.  The winds also saw balls moving well off line whilst in the air and even on greens, making putting more than usually challenging.  Despite the tough conditions two players were able to perform well and it was not until the final hole, where one just “couldn’t take a trick” and the other was able to play steady golf, that the September medalist was decided.  On a freezing, very windy and wet afternoon the results were;

Winner & September Medalist; Les Gaunt – 83/9/74 from Andrew Clement – 86/9/77

NTPs; 15th – Les Gaunt

Least Putts; 25 – Andrew Clement

The day saw the RGC men’s “Play-9” qualifying round.  Winners were; Scott Williams – 43/9/34, Les Gaunt – 41/4.5/36.5.  Scott and Les will go on to represent RGC at the Dalhousie District final at Seymour on October 21st.