Despite the very ordinary forecast a strong field teed up for the club’s Open Weekend 4BBB.  Drizzle started as players headed to their second hole this was followed by heavier rain and a gusting wind from the N/NW; more than one player had their umbrella turned inside-out.  With grips getting wet, steady rain  and soft fairways scoring was more than a challenge.  The club is vert thankful to The Romsey Bottle-O who sponsored the event.  On a tough day the results were;

1st; Pat Chisholm (11)/Luke Lyons (15) – 41 pts C/B

2nd; Mitch Altas (7)/Davie Kenney (13) – 41 pts 

3rd; Shannon Wright (9)/Mick Squire (4) – 40 pts

NTPs; 15th – Mick Nicholls Snr, 16th – Shannon Wright

3rd Place Getters Shannon Wright and Mick Squire

2nd, on a count back, Mitch Atlas and Davie Kenney

winners Luke Lyons and Pat Chisholm