After steady rain fell over most of Friday afternoon, evening and into the early hours of Saturday fairways, surrounds and greens were softer than in recent weeks and players faced a far longer course for the 1st round of the club championships;  While the rain held off for most of the round there was a SW wind pushing into the mid 20’sKph that gave all players pause to think carefully about club selection.  As always at Romsey, accuracy off the tee and when approaching the greens, was going to be the key.   However, despite the conditions there was some excellent scoring.    Results of the 1st round of the Men’s 2023 Club Championships were;

Daily Competition

1st; Simon Donovan – 82/16/66

2nd; Mitch Atlas – 74/7/67

3rd; Michael Squire – 74/4/70

A Grade          

Scratch; Michael Squire & Mitch Atlas – 74

Handicap; Mitch Atlas – 74/7/67, Michael Squire – 74/4/70, Mal Mottram – 80/9/71

B Grade        

Scratch; Simon Donovan – 82

Handicap; Simon Donovan – 82/16/66, Davey Kenney – 87/13/74

C Grade          

Scratch; John Freestone – 101

Handicap; John Freestone – 101/25/76