On a cold and windy afternoon it was good to see a strong field tee up for the May Medal and The Medal of Medalists.  All fairways were very heavy and many had casual water which pulled shots up even quicker than the soft fairways.  Carts were asked to stay off the fairways to reduce damage or even bogging.  The wind, mostly from the Nth was strong all day and only the big hitters were able to get close to their normal length off the tee.  However as groups headed for the final few holes the wind really blew up moving balls on the greens and just about every high approach shot had to be spot on or risk being pushed well wide go the the green.  On a cold blustery day the results were;

Winner 2019/20 Medal of Medalists and June Medal; Toby Clement – 97/24/73 from Daniel Wright – 79/3/76 & Les Gaunt – 84/7/77

Least Putts; Les Gaunt – 27

2019/20 RGC Medal of Medalists & May Medalist, Toby Clement