With over 40mm of rain falling between Wednesday and Friday the course was far softer than in recent times, add to this the cold, late autumn air and almost everyone had trouble driving their normal distance and hitting the green in regulation.  The rain saw “relief to a card width” given as all balls would pick up mud.  A gentle breeze from the SW blew up occasionally causing problems for higher approach shots.  On a challenging afternoon it was up to one of the club’s evergreen veterans to show the way home.  The day’s results were;

Winner; Les Gaunt – 78/7/71 from Rob Rea – 90/18/72 & John Freestone 93/21/72

NTPs; 15th – Scott Williams, 16th- – Steve Wilkins

After the 2nd Round of the 2019 Club Championships 

A Grade. Stroke; Les Gaunt – 157, Mick Squire – 161

Handicap; Les Gaunt – 141, Mick Squire – 151

B Grade.     Stroke;  Rob Rea – 183, John Freestone – 188,

   Handicap. John Freestone – 146, Rob Rea – 147

C Grade.     Stroke;  John Laing – 211, Dave Richardson – 213

Handicap;  John Laing – 155, Peter Scanlon – 159