The 2021 Summer Cup (Dedicated to the memory of Dean Jones) had one round to go.  This round, originally scheduled for Sat Feb 13th, had been delayed by the mid January Covid-19 restrictions.  With this year’s Summer Cup 1st place virtually locked away all the interest was in the 2nd and 3rd placings.  There were five players who, with a good performance, could take out these awards.  Golf began under cold, overcast skies but conditions quickly improved as the sun shone through.  There was a surprisingly strong southerly breeze that pulled up shots on some fairways and pushed balls well wide on other holes.  However, generally the conditions were excellent for golf and a number of players took advantage to card good scores.  On a sunny, slightly windy afternoon the results were;

Winner: Mal Mottram – 77/8/69 from Anthony Lakey – 93/22/71, Simon Donovan – 83/12/71 & Andrew Clement – 80/8/72

NTPs; 1st – Anthony Lakey, 15h – Mick Squire.

2021 Summer Cup – Dedicated to the memory of Dean Jones

1st; Davey Kenney – 28.50 Pts

2nd; Mal Mottram – 22.00 pts

3rd; Andrew Clement – 17.00 pts

Mal Mottram, Davey Kenney, Andrew Clement & RGC Pres Anthony Lakey