The qualifying round of the 47th Algie Mitchell Shield saw a strong field tee off in hot, dry conditions.  The temperature rose to the low 30s before inconsistent cloud cover and a slight southerly breeze saw things cool a little.  The dry conditions meant all players got good value for their drives and long iron shots however accuracy was paramount when approaching the greens.  A few metres short or long required very difficult chips to get “up and down” in regulation.  Again a number of players had excellent front nines only to fall away over the closing holes.  One remarkable performance came from octogenarian Bob Dwyer who returned an excellent 38 pts however only one player was able to put together 18 high quality holes to card the top score.  The day’s results were;
Winner; Scott Williams (19) – 41 from John Freestone (22) & Bob Dwyer (33) – 38 pts, Anthony Freeman (20) – 37 pts, Bob McLennan (12), Mal Mottram (11), Neil Munro (15) & John Moody (13) – 36 pts.
NTPs; 15th – John Moody & 16th – Scott Williams.
The Quarter Finals of the Algie Mitchell will be:
Scott Williams (6) Vs John Moody (0)
John Freestone (7) Vs Neil Munro (0)
Bob Dwyer (22) Vs Mal Mottram (0)
Anthony Freeman (8)  Vs Bob McLennan (0)