After ~100mm of rain over Wednesday and Thursday the course was in surprisingly good condition.  There was some casual water in the usual locations but the in general the greens and fairways had held up well.  The cold air and softer fairways saw everyone lose distance off the tee.  Softer surrounds meant approach shots had to be “on the money” or risk landing and stopping well short.   Players teed-up in cool, overcast conditions with a gusting southerly wind, as the round progressed the sun came out and the afternoon warmed up considerably.  It was a day for accuracy, those who could control their drives and take advantage of the excellent condition of the greens were able to score well.  The 4Ball Aggregate format allows teams to score almost on every hole so a score over 55 pts is usually requied to have ny chance of take-out the day.  One player really hit his straps and his performance was vital to his team’s success.  On a changeable afternoon the results were;

4Ball Team Winners; Mal Mottram (9)/Hugh Drummond(20) – 68pts from Toby Clement (24)/Andrew Clement(9) – 63pts & Lorraine Robb(43)/Pam Drummond(34) – 62 pts

Individuals; Mal Mottram (9) – 38 pts, Andrew Clement (9) – 34 pts

NTPs; 15th – Anthony Lakey