The expected heat, 30C plus did not really eventuate; a gusting wind that moved from NE to NW kept the field cool but played havoc with balls in the air.   Players who could shoot below the tree line were able to keep the ball in play, those who chose to go higher had to make allowances for the wind.  On some occasions it blew and balls curved back on their intended line,  on other occasions to stopped and balls ended up well wide of the fairway or green.  There was a growing amount of new grass on the fairways and most players were able to find good lies for many of their second shots.  The greens were still recovering from the recent deep coring; they were still a little slow and there were some odd movements here and there.  The day also saw the semi-finals of the Algie Mitchell Shield.  The winners have seen the 2019 Algie Mitchell become the “Octogenarian’s Shield” still, regardless of age, if you play down the middle and chip and putt well, then you are in with a chance. On a warm and windy autumn afternoon the results were;

Men’s Winner; Michael Squire (7) – 40 pts from Scott Williams (16) – 39 pts, Michael Reid (29) – 38 pts & Anthony Lakey (21) – 37 pts Women’s Winner; Kath Jekabsons (29) – 35 pts

NTPs; 1st – Mal Mottram/Darlene Baker, 15th – Chris Manktelow

Algie Mitchell Semi-finals

John Laing (14) D Scott Williams – 7/6 (Played earlier in the week)

Mick Nicholls Snr (14) D Les Gaunt (0) – 3/2

Algie Mitchell Shield Final – April 13th

Mick Nicholls Snr (0) Vs John Laing (7)