The last round of early starts so there was dew on the greens for the first few holes.  Everyone had to adjust quickly as the greens dried and ran much quicker.  The weather was ideal, an intermittent wind from the Sth and clear skies.  Players took advantage of the good conditions and a course that was in top condition to return some excellent scores.  The Algie Mitchell Shield 1/4 finals were generally close with only two matches being concluded without reaching the 18th.  The other two were tight all day with one being decided on the 18th the other on the 19th.  On a warm, clear afternoon the results were;

Winner; Trent Cannon (21) – 41 pts from Chris vanDerVliet (25) – 40 pts & Andrew Clement (8) – 36 pts

NTPs; 1st & 16th Andrew Clement, 15th – Mick Squire.

The Algie Mitchell Shield Quarter Finals;

Mick Squire (0) D Mal Mottram (4) – 2Up

Hugh Drummond (0) D Keith Hocking (9) – 3/1

Mick Nicholls Snr (2) D Anthony Lakey (0) – 19th

Scott Williams (0) D Ryan Davies (5) – 4/3

The Algie Mitchell Shield Semi Finals;

Mick Squire (0) Vs Hugh Drummond (16)

Mick Nicholls Snr (8) Vs Scott Williams (0)