The arrival of a few colder nights and some heavy dews saw the long billed corellas begin to move north; while there are still a few about the Park their numbers are greatly reduced.  Our motion activated sprinklers have limited the bird damage to the greens so repair work ahead of the centennial weekend events (March 25/26/27) and the women’s bowl (April 7) will be far quicker.  The qualifying round of the club’s oldest shield drew another good field.  Players teed off under clear skies with just a gentle breeze from the SW.  On a top day to out on the Park the results were;

Winner; Davey Kenney (140 – 40 pts

2nd; Mick Squire (4) – 36 pts

3rd;  Mick Nicholls Jnr 9130 – 35 pts

NTPs; 1st – Mitch Atlas, 15th & 16th – Mick Squire

The Quarter finals of the Algie Mitchell Shield will be;

  1. Davey Kenney 0) Vs 8. John Freestone (12)

3. Mick Nicholls Jnr (0) Vs  6. Steve Wilkins (4)

2. Mick Squire (0) Vs 7. Kev Dunn (22)

4. Scott Williams (6) Vs 5. Andrew Clement (0)