Play began a beautiful early autumn afternoon, clear, sunny skies but with a steady northerly wind however, with the greens recently cored and the new grass allowed to grow players were faced with a very different game.  Hairy greens with balls that moved unpredictably; there were positive results from dropping the ball short and running up to the flag and putting was a gamble.  Once near a green players had to  back themselves and drop the ball as close as possible to the cup or risk overly long putts with less than positive outcomes.  Despite the conditions most teams returned cards well under par and it was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon. The day’s results were;

1st; Mick Squire (5)/Keith Hocking z931)/Mick Nicholas Snr (25) – 64/ 10.16/53.84

2nd; Davey Kenney (14)/Luke Lyons (13)/Dylan Haris (12)/Chris Manktelow (36) –  66/9.37/56.63

3rd; Mitch Atlas (8)/Steve Hocking (19)/Sherif Abdel-Sayed (31) – 70/9.83/60.17

NTPs; 1st & 16th – Pat Chisholm