Coring the greens earlier in the week made for a very challenging round. Some greens had soaked up almost all the sand while others still have large desert like patches that players had to negotiate.  The Little Corellas seem to have decided that really only the 16th green needs their attention and they had done quite a job digging up old and new holes and chewing the cup almost out of the ground.  Still the field took this all in their stride, what else could they do? The day was one of many wind changes first from the south, then the east then finally the north and plenty of sunshine. There were a few very unusual bounces as balls caught a crack on the fairway or died where the birds had dug up the ground. Some playing in the Algie Mitchell Shield also benefited from fortuitous rebounds off trees that saw their ball end up in the centre of the fairway. Those who putted firmly, directly at the hole general got a good reward. On a very interesting day the results were;

Winner; Anthony Lakey – 90/21/69 from Chris vanDerVliet – 96/25/71, Andrew Clement – 83/11/72 & Peter Scanlon – 102/30/72
NTPs; 15th – Les Gaunt

Algie Mitchell 1/4 Finals 
Scott Williams (6) L John Moody (0) – 19th
John Freestone (7) D Neil Munro (0) – 2 up
Bob Dwyer (22) L Mal Mottram (0) 6/4
Anthony Freeman (8) D Bob McLennan (0) W/O

Next week’s semi finals will be; 
Anthony Freeman (0) Vs John Freestone (2)
 John Moody (2) Vs Mal Mottram (0)