Steady rain on most days of the week meant that only the surrounds and greens were mown.  The fairways had drained well but virtually nothing could cope with the 160mm+ the course had received over the past fortnight so there was casual water across much of the course meaning the June Medal was going to be a tough event!  The field teed off under cold, overcast conditions with a wind shifting between S and SW.  The soft fairways meant distance in the air was paramount; once a ball landed that was generally where it stayed.  A number of golfers had excellent front nines but being able to keep the round going was more than challenging.  On a chilly afternoon the results were;

Winner and June Medalist; Scott Williams – 85/15/70 from Anthony Lakey – 94/20/74 & Mick Nicholls – 94/20/74

NTPs; 1st – Mick Nicholls Jnr, 15th – Mick Nicholls Jnr  & 16th – Davie Kenney

Least Putts;  Scott Williams – 26