The club’s Relative Pairs Shield competition began on a clear, cold afternoon.  The heavy overnight dew and the recent rains again saw “Mark, Lift, Clean & Replace” in play.  The Relative Pairs field saw local golfers as well as some from Kilmore and Gisborne.  It was an unusual cold day, not getting over 10C and with weather conditions varying wildly.  At some stages there was a strong wind from the south then it would swing around to the west.  Rain threatened and finally arrived as groups were heading down the final few holes.  Cold air, varying winds and soft fairways made it challenging to get good distance and any shot that was short usually stayed short.  On another interesting early winter’s day the results were;

Relative Pairs

1st; Mitch Atlas (6)/Kaye Atlas (27) – 39 pts

2nd; Sophie Bannon (20)/Jill Bannon(32) – 35 pts

Daily Competition

 1st; Andrew Laing(19)/Steve Wilkins(18) – 39 pts

2nd; Anthony Lakey(23)/Shaun Scales(25) – 38 pts

3rd; Darlene Baker(18)/Sherif Abdel-Sayed(30) – 37 pts

NTPs 15th – Darlene Baker, Best 2nd Shot 3rd – Davey Kenney

2024 Relative Pairs Shield Winners, Kaye & Mitch Atlas