With a very heavy dew overnight and more than 25mm of rain during the week the course was way too wet to mow, the greens could only be rubbed down to get rid of the excess moisture and worm castings.  The cold air and very soft fairways meant all players lost distance and had to choose longer irons for their approach shots.  Often plugged balls could not be found however, as long as two players could identify the area where the ball landed a free drop was given.  While the round began in overcast conditions  the sun shone through to make for a beautiful winter’s afternoon  On a damp, yet sunny afternoon the results were;

Winner; Pat Chisholm (12) – 36 pts  C/B

2nd; Simon Donovan (12) – 36 pts

3rd; Andrew Clement (8) – 30 pts

NTPs; 10th – Mitch  Altlas

Eagle; 14th – Mitch Atlas