Romsey Park had received over 75mm of rain during the previous ten days so a soft course became softer.  This, added to the cold air, found all golfers struggling to get consistent distance off the tee or with long second shots.  Once again approach shots had to be “spot on” or players risked “dropping and stopping” short of the green.  The steady northerly breeze cut out about half way through the round and  while the sun did come out for brief periods it was generally a very cold afternoon.  The conditions meant that  playing close to your handicap was a pretty good result.  One player was able to keep up his recent run of excellent form.  On a cold, early winter’s afternoon the results were;

Winner; Andrew Laing – 93/19/74 C/B Mitchell Atlas – 86/12/74 & Anthony Lakey – 96/21/75

NTPs; 1st – Mitchell Atlas, 15th – Anthony Lakey & 16th – John Moody